BOBBY HOUDA : BLUE MOOD (English lyrics)
Blues isn’t just some kind of old form of music, but vital organic substance, pervading with all phases of pop-music.
Therefore, here you have, hip-hop meeting with country, swinging blues with reggae, or eastern etno with romantic ballad,
as they will finally join in unmistakable union of modern Rhythm&Blues, otherwise "Blues Nouveau".
"…It’s the work of quality, in good sense conservative, the album, that will please you". (L. Tampier)
(Houdaphone Productions / KB) catalog no. 1001-2 ©2002 [Demo]
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Through the "voices of the poets" is the artist speaking to you with his typical bluesy feel.
Thus, contemporary czech poets and world classics are wrapped into many-sided styles of pop music.
…"Everything here is well mixed, subtle and well done". (T.Hruby)
(Houdaphone Productions / KB ) ©1999 [Demo]
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BOBBY HOUDA: WANDERER (English lyrics)
Slightly romantic songs with country/rock and blues flavor, performed by lonely traveler. („Unplugged")
…"This music is worth of gold". (R. Sacher)
(Happy /Monitor/EMI) catalog no.HMP 0100P ©1994
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Beside the original compositions, The Live – Repertoire consist of c/a 100 songs ranging from Blues, Rock, Oldies into Country. Recordings are made either from live performances on location or at radio station.