What kind of venues is Bobby Houda performing at?
Mostly in music clubs, Irish Pubs, special „Musicians in Pubs Nights" and corporate parties.
In sommertime at Open-Airs, Jazz/Rock/Blues/Folk Festivals and Cityês festivities.

What kind of instrumentation is Bobby Houda performing in?
Solo: Bobby Houda – Vocal, Guitar, Harp, Rhythmbox
Duo: Bobby Houda and Mr. Ropeman – Harp, Percussions, Sax.
Quartet: Bobby Houda plus E-Guitar, E-Bass, Harp/Percussions.

How long is the Show?
Concert or full-length program.

What kind of repertoir is the Show consisting of?
Originals: (Bobby Houda)
R&B and Traditionals: (Muddy Waters, J.L.Hooker, B.B. Broonzy, Bo Diddley, R. Charles, Otis Redding etc.)
Country/Rock: (Bob Dylan, Neil Young, CCR, Hank Williams, Johnny Cash etc.)
Oldies 50ês-60ês: (Chuck Berry, Elvis, Beatles, Rolling Stones etc.)
Swing and Jazz: (Porter, Rogers, Ellington, Gershwin ,Berlin, Jobim etc.) [Demo]

Who provides PA sound systém?
The artist.

Who provides advertising material such as: posters, photos, flyers, CDs etc.
The artist. [Contacts]

What terms (dates) are open?
One time or all year around bookings are possible.
Requests for firm terms are handled as soon as possible (up to 1 year in advance). [Tour]

Where can I get the CDs?
CDs can be purchased at the place of performance, special stores, or make the order at contact address

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