…imagine an american musician raised in Central Europe with the soul of a blues singer, enriched by agressive rock seasoning and rounded up with sentimental soul flavor. That's the music, singer-songwriter and guitarist Joseph "Bobby" Houda is bringing to you.

His career in music began in the late 60's, but after appearing at major jazz/rock festivals, he decided his direction had to be changed. Prompted by saying "Go West Boy", he left his native country and started his new musical journey in the backup band of the legendary soul singer Arthur Conley. Inspired by this great experience, Bobby finally went to the cradle of R&B music, USA. Upon moving to Boston, he took very seriously his studies at the renowned Berklee College of Music. Throughout his long years in USA, Bobby made several recordings, and as a solo act often entertained on the college clubs circuit.

Presently, Mr. Houda continues to interwind his past musical experiences with his present abilieties, always exploring his rock and blues roots. The songs he writes and sings, takes the listeners on romantic journey of a lonely travelling man and balladeer. After all, his critically acclaimed recordings are tituled: "Wanderer", "Hlas basniku", "Blue Mood" and recently released "Die Hard Man".

Bobby Houda's Central European melodic sense and american bluesy feel creates unique combination of modern blues, rock and soul music.